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05:04 utc nov 21 2018 permalink

I've now over-engineered an iTunes library integrity checker by turning a script into a module #win

00:16 utc nov 05 2018 permalink

41-commit weekend 🤩Feel much better about my #webpack , #ansible, and #packer code #win

23:11 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

Add in some manual #terraform state edits and deleting things in the #aws console and we're recovered #fail #win

23:11 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

At least I was able to repro in local #vagrant once I figured out what was going on. #win

17:27 utc nov 03 2018 permalink

I completed removing build artifacts from source control. Static assets dist and document-root dirs: replaced with running #webpack on host. Third-party #ansible roles: installed from galaxy via #packer and #vagrant at provision time. #win

05:28 utc oct 29 2018 permalink

That was a 35-commit weekend. New features and improved code quality. #win

00:05 utc oct 29 2018 permalink

Significantly refactored my #webpack static asset pipeline today. No longer build assets locally and check them in. Build happens as part of #ansible provisioning. #win

03:22 utc oct 28 2018 permalink

#django is a joy to use. Making my new blog app was so easy. Each view is only two lines of code! #win

06:30 utc oct 03 2018 permalink

Further #cost optimized my #AWS infra. Saved $3/month by turning off CloudWatch monitoring and making my ASG out of spot instances #win

06:05 utc oct 02 2018 permalink

Jumped to latest #django 2.0.x and then to latest 2.1.x today. No deprecation warnings, smooth sailing. As a plus, I turned on PYTHONWARNINGS for my app in systemd #win

04:18 utc aug 22 2018 permalink

That was easy! hyperbola running on t3s now. #aws #terraform #win

06:07 utc aug 10 2018 permalink

Finally deployed a 2 month old branch incorporating lessons learned from my Docker experiment into my VM-based deploys. Big change is building from local source instead of pulling in a tarball from GitHub. Iteration speed is improved #win

07:24 utc may 28 2018 permalink

hyperbola is ready for #django 2.1. That was easy #win

02:34 utc may 28 2018 permalink

LuaLaTeX is amazing. My documents look better than they did with XeLaTeX. Less hyphenation, less inter-section spacing. fontspec, polyglossia, selnolig, nowidow, and impnattypo packages are dope too. #LaTeX #win

01:27 utc may 24 2018 permalink

I've been using make and vagrant for self-contained builds in other projects. I've been working with #LaTeX a lot and a bionic vm with TexLive installed creates a repeatable build env, takes 15 minutes to set up, and doesn't pollute my desktop #win

07:41 utc may 12 2018 permalink

Upgrades are painful, so upgrade frequently. hyperbola now running Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic. 2 build config changes and 1 removed ansible task. #win

08:11 utc apr 18 2018 permalink

Switched from community PPA to official nginx-provided binaries. That was ... really easy: #win #ansible

00:29 utc apr 14 2018 permalink

for, I stopped using #terraform for managing the static content of the site. It now lives outside of my terraform code in a public directory, published explicitly with a make target #win

07:10 utc mar 23 2018 permalink

Last week I shipped secondary attribution for Jenkins builds. Email featured lyrics from Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child #win

04:03 utc jan 22 2018 permalink

Ansible, Let's Encrypt, nginx, and Vagrant have combined to make my local env look more like prod. Spun up a new ALB-like VM with HTTPS. less divergence #win