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04:40 utc jun 21 2016 permalink

made the #nginx config a little more sane, converted thin to bind to a domain socket, and deployed with a dedicated app user with deploy keys #win

06:27 utc jun 04 2014 permalink

lol at the #nginx empty_gif directive

05:01 utc jun 02 2014 permalink

heh, spoke too soon ... #fail Had forgotten to update #nginx config so when I deleted the legacy deployments, I lost static assets and media.

10:47 utc dec 15 2013 permalink

#nginx reverse proxying to django with HTTP/1.1 ... wish this config option would be the default.

23:40 utc nov 30 2013 permalink

so my resume link was broken for six months #fail stupid missing line in #nginx conf ... not enough exploratory testing during the refactor. What good is #staging for anyway?!

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13:07 utc jun 28 2013 permalink

Hello #nginx. Goodbye #apache