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14:59 utc dec 21 2017 permalink

Baby's first hadoop. Taken from long forgotten code written in 2005 #history

18:51 utc oct 28 2017 permalink

#history throwback to the time that my wiki was spammed by a bot that turned all the pages into link spam for discount pharmaceuticals #fail

06:33 utc jul 30 2017 permalink

I was first introduced to closures in summer '08 via #ruby blocks. This was probably the most magical moment I've ever experienced programming. That code was just another object you could pass around was amazing. Lisp would've been mind blowing. #history

05:13 utc jul 25 2017 permalink

I found a page in my wiki called hyperbola suckage 2015. This was a forward-looking list of gripes to fix as I moved from hyperbola1 to a new host #history

00:53 utc jul 24 2017 permalink

unexpectedly memory: I had to spoof my mac address to that of my xbox 360 so that I could register it on MIT's network #history