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07:26 utc sep 02 2019 permalink

The converters are central to #artichoke. Changing this core abstraction was painful: 84 files changed, 2000 lines added, 2800 lines removed. #fail #git

04:33 utc jul 29 2019 permalink

Extracting cactusref required completely rewriting #git history, updating docs, adding a build, adding benches, importing my blog post, updating links in the blog post #artichoke

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19:33 utc jul 07 2019 permalink

#git bisect is why it's important that your repo be buildable at every commit. Currently fixing a massive memory leak in ferrocarril #fail

12:58 utc may 27 2019 permalink

It has been a really productive weekend. Merged 23 #github PRs for ferrocarril #win #rust #git

07:13 utc may 24 2019 permalink

Adding #ci to a project is encouraging such better code hygiene. Because I want to make sure the build stays green, I actually make PRs even if it is only me approving them. Seeing the code in the browser makes it easier to review than #git diff #win

18:52 utc oct 28 2017 permalink

this is just one example of the times #git has saved my life #win

16:39 utc jun 23 2017 permalink

OMG just rewrote my #git PS1 which runs as part of my PROMPT_COMMAND. Now 20% faster both inside and outside a repo. terminal feels so much faster now #win #performance

01:34 utc feb 15 2017 permalink

Today I learned about octopus merges #git

05:25 utc jun 18 2015 permalink

Recently restructured my #dotfiles and added a Makefile so they don't live in $HOME (git clean terrifies me) #git

03:59 utc may 07 2014 permalink

Woo! First 2 hyperbola releases with #git tags today #win. Also local development. dev + ops = #devops

07:52 utc mar 18 2014 permalink

Next #devops steps for hyperbola: Rebuild machine from scratch on 64-bit kernel; use #docker and dockerize all services: nginx, staging django, prod django, MySQL; real deploy step; #git tag releases

18:19 utc apr 01 2013 permalink

git commit -m 'removed 2 chainz' #git #win

23:53 utc jan 31 2013 permalink

I have no idea why, but since I've been working at #box, I don't #git pull. I always fetch and merge --ff-only or rebase. Only time I ever use pull is via pull --rebase if I get ff-rejected on push

23:50 utc jan 09 2013 permalink

Just forked, edited code, submitted a pull request, and got it merged all from the browser #win #git #github

06:57 utc nov 01 2012 permalink

I had a cronjob launching every minute that updated remotes on about 40 #git repos. I've apparently had ~50 git processes running all the time for about a year now. #fail

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23:53 utc may 24 2012 permalink

#versioncontrol, or the lack thereof. This was my first major software project. I was a junior in high school. I was making a symbolic math thing. #fail or the reasons any CS class should teach #git

04:09 utc may 08 2012 permalink

My wiki was spammed and turned into a link farm for discount pharmaceuticals. Good thing its backed by #git -- fixing it was trivial

03:07 utc mar 26 2012 permalink

The number of posts on #hackernews about people reinventing/bitching about #git never ceases to amaze me #fanboy

21:11 utc jan 13 2012 permalink

#esalazar: Something something something #git ... something something something complete