Posts from October 2015

05:01 utc oct 31 2015 permalink

Wondering why the response to some external asks isn't, "No, we're not ready yet."

03:52 utc oct 25 2015 permalink

Wow! usability fail. The crontab command operates in 3 modes, two of which are edit (-e) and remove (-r). Lovely that e and r are right next to eachother on a QWERTY keyboard. #fail

22:02 utc oct 22 2015 permalink

This oncall cycle, I observed my first real hardware failure. A machine critical to the deployment pipeline spontaneously shutdown and failed to reboot, problems with mounting RAID, etc. #fail

21:59 utc oct 22 2015 permalink

We are loading the racks onto trucks and moving them to a real datacenter. Bye bye servers.

23:28 utc oct 19 2015 permalink

Responding "maybe" to a calendar invite is the equivalent of the SF "we should do lunch"