Posts from November 2017

05:58 utc nov 30 2017 permalink

Accidentally deleted my private subnet route tables in the process though, which broke S3 access for ~20 minutes. Could've been much worse #fail #outage

05:57 utc nov 30 2017 permalink

Shaved another $35 (40%) off my #AWS bill by disabling the NAT on my app subnets. Yay immutable infrastructure and VPC endpoints #win

04:28 utc nov 19 2017 permalink

I made a thing! Bootstrap 4, route53 domains, and terraform made this really easy. went from 0 to 100 in about 1.5 hours. #win

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New in v0.117.0: nuked time-elements webcomponents due to Firefox breakage (cut js payload by a factor of 4), infra improvements to resume handling #win

06:36 utc nov 18 2017 permalink

The v0.116.0 deploy was done using a spot instance with packer. A bigger instance for half the price #aws

04:26 utc nov 18 2017 permalink

New features in v0.116.0: bootstrap4, removed RSS and Atom feeds, 100% webpack frontend build, css purification improvements, and healthz middleware

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Most frequently used commands, redux

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LOL that was only six years ago ... don't let your dreams stay dreams: #aws

02:37 utc nov 11 2017 permalink

welp that didn't last long. CloudFlare only queries a subset of NS records to check for liveness and has determined that I no longer use CloudFlare. Working on purging them from #terraform and registrar now #fail

05:32 utc nov 06 2017 permalink

It is a good thing that I've automated things well enough that I don't need the bastion #win

05:31 utc nov 06 2017 permalink

Even more cost savings: dynamically provisioned bastion cloudformation stack #terraform #aws

04:51 utc nov 06 2017 permalink

More cost savings. RAM footprint of a hyperbola backend is 143MB. Switch from t2.micro to t2.nano #aws #win

01:45 utc nov 06 2017 permalink

I accidentally created a CNAME (instead of an A record) for an IP today. Lots of confusing errors from nslookup, ssh, and host. Meanwhile dig appeared to resolve the record. #fail

19:40 utc nov 05 2017 permalink

hyperbola: now with multi-homed DNS. AWS Route 53 and CloudFlare, made possible by terraform. (In the process upgraded mail to a 2048-bit DKIM key) #win #redundancy #devops

15:54 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

I accomplished this migration with ~no downtime #win. I spun up the new infrastructure and then deployed new AMIs with updated service records. I did have ~2 minutes of 500s when I accidentally overwrote old mysql DNS record due to a bad copypasta #fail

06:28 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

Switch from 3 to 2 backend machines. 1 is enough to handle the load I get, so use the bare minimum for redundancy #aws

06:27 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

Removed dependency on redis by switching to a django-provided database-as-cache adapter. My redis cluster was used only for admin sessions and caching a sidebar on the lifestream page. Unnecessary overhead #aws

06:26 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

Switched DB instance type from db.t2.small to db.t2.micro. From running my linode I know that MySQL never used more than ~400MB of RAM so I knew this was safe. My database is tiny #aws

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Switched from Aurora to a multi-az RDS instance. I don't need the complex topologies that aurora allows and it forced me to use an overprovisioned instance type #aws

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Now that I've shown I can go all out with the most expensive #AWS components, today I exercised my cost efficiency and right sizing muscles. I cut my AWS bill in half with the following steps: