Posts from January 2011

03:41 utc jan 28 2011 permalink

#idea with subdomains offering an infinite number of collections/collages of stuff. Can't be done because of .sh domain name rules.

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#thingsiwant a honeycomb tablet. the xoom looks way cool

23:46 utc jan 24 2011 permalink

lesson learned: never edit a site live. #fail #django

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#idea a new NFL stat - average number of plays to achieve a first down (both intra- and cross-drive). I think it'd be interesting to compare this to average drive lengths, points/drive, and defenses

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#idea - an online yelp for medical marijuana dispensaries. It's already been done. I really like the domain name though.

09:07 utc jan 14 2011 permalink

"Finished" tagging my #music ... 1122 artists, 3394 albums, 28553 songs. All told about 200GB. This feels so #good

22:39 utc jan 13 2011 permalink

Found out that my raid array not mounting a couple months ago was due to a failed drive. Can't recover it. I lost so much data. #linux #fail

07:34 utc jan 07 2011 permalink

relaxing during IAP. I've started working on a side project: a flash-based dj mixer that uses #music from youtube. #flash

04:59 utc jan 05 2011 permalink

I HATE FLEX SO MUCH #fail #ihateflex

07:52 utc jan 02 2011 permalink

This is why I like django's pluggable apps. I can get distracted and not finish a project, but the site still works. #django #distractions