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01:15 utc may 21 2020 permalink

The static site is based on webpack and webpack-html-plugin with a few preprocessor scripts that emit the templates #webpack #js

07:59 utc jan 21 2019 permalink

Making a mental note that I've decided to go static with hyperbola. Not sure when this project will get done, but here's to 2019. I have dreams of a custom #webpack and #markdown generator, S3 and CloudFront for distribution.

03:55 utc dec 23 2018 permalink

Optimizing #react bundle ... cut bundle size by 72KB. Biggest wins are turning an image into CSS + an emoji, removing unused deps, enabling mini-css-extract-plugin in release builds #win #webpack index.html is 333 KB

00:16 utc nov 05 2018 permalink

41-commit weekend 🤩Feel much better about my #webpack , #ansible, and #packer code #win

17:27 utc nov 03 2018 permalink

I completed removing build artifacts from source control. Static assets dist and document-root dirs: replaced with running #webpack on host. Third-party #ansible roles: installed from galaxy via #packer and #vagrant at provision time. #win

00:05 utc oct 29 2018 permalink

Significantly refactored my #webpack static asset pipeline today. No longer build assets locally and check them in. Build happens as part of #ansible provisioning. #win

01:31 utc jul 04 2017 permalink

The #webpack configuration, on the other hand, was not fun to get set up. I particularly struggled fighting with the gulp plugin, which pins webpack 1.x

01:30 utc jul 04 2017 permalink

#webpack is amazing. I added the time-elements web components to the lifestream and contact pages. Only took an hour. Before this would have been next to impossible. #frontend #win