Posts from May 2018

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hyperbola is ready for #django 2.1. That was easy #win

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LuaLaTeX is amazing. My documents look better than they did with XeLaTeX. Less hyphenation, less inter-section spacing. fontspec, polyglossia, selnolig, nowidow, and impnattypo packages are dope too. #LaTeX #win

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The Makefile for a project like this defines two versions of all the tasks. One runs locally on my mac and "recursively" calls make using `vagrant ssh` setting a make var to indicate the task is running in the VM #make #LaTeX

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I've been using make and vagrant for self-contained builds in other projects. I've been working with #LaTeX a lot and a bionic vm with TexLive installed creates a repeatable build env, takes 15 minutes to set up, and doesn't pollute my desktop #win

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Upgrades are painful, so upgrade frequently. hyperbola now running Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic. 2 build config changes and 1 removed ansible task. #win