Posts from January 2014

06:32 utc jan 16 2014 permalink

next project: convert #hyperbola to UTC, server, #django, and #mysql

05:41 utc jan 13 2014 permalink

I have no idea why, but every time my backup disk spins up on my laptop, my entire system hangs for a few seconds #fail

02:03 utc jan 13 2014 permalink

got another big #performance win by not minifying HTML in python not doing so shaved ~100ms off response time which means my server was spending more than 100ms of CPU time for the pleasure #fail

01:58 utc jan 13 2014 permalink

about ~20% of server time for lifestream is spent reversing URLs for hashtags :/ #performance #fail

01:57 utc jan 13 2014 permalink

Latency at nginx for hyperbola: frontpage: 25ms, contact: 40ms, lifestream: 200ms #performance

19:58 utc jan 12 2014 permalink

Switching gunicorn to a domain socket instead of a TCP port sped up the site by 2x #performance

21:09 utc jan 11 2014 permalink

Hyperbola, now with more html5-boilerplate and bootstrap ... it made CSS so much easier than I normally find it to be ... and the site is now mostly responsive and looks good on mobile

21:08 utc jan 11 2014 permalink

Spent the last week optimizing, re-styling, and significantly refactoring hyperbola. The lifestream page loads ~300ms faster and DOMReady is ~600ms faster #performance

10:09 utc jan 08 2014 permalink

Get optimized, HTML! Just added some middleware that minifies Django template HTML output #performance Google pagespeed really likes my site now (on Desktops) ... 94/100 #win

09:38 utc jan 08 2014 permalink

My wiki is getting filled up with #devops documentation for #hyperbola #win Runbooks are fun!

09:36 utc jan 08 2014 permalink

The last bits of the #hyperbola deployment are gone from my home directory ... finally productionized a cron to do a #database and media backup #devops