Posts from November 2015

03:11 utc nov 25 2015 permalink

Time to switch to using the #python SDK! In the meantime, no new media uploads

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Media directory backups have been failing since the 17th due to exceeding max attachment size. No alerts. #fail >>> SIZE=55759470 <<< 552 5.3.4 Message size exceeds fixed limit

07:38 utc nov 24 2015 permalink

Switching from yui-compressor to yuglify saved me 1KB on bootstrap.js and 30 bytes on bootstrap+hyperbola css #performance

03:37 utc nov 22 2015 permalink

With this latest release, hyperbola has surpassed 500 commits! #win

03:32 utc nov 22 2015 permalink

lifestream template refactor didn't yield any #performance wins, but the code is much cleaner now. #win

03:31 utc nov 22 2015 permalink

Front page warm nginx latency is 12ms; contact page is 20ms #performance

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08:13 utc nov 17 2015 permalink

Current prod gunicorn time (measured at nginx) for the lifestream index page is 70ms with no partial caching and 40ms with the sidebar cached #performance

07:59 utc nov 17 2015 permalink

Tested rendering the lifestream index with all 3 interpreters. pypy is slower than python2.7 by 2x. python3.5 is faster than python2.7 by 2x. #performance

07:58 utc nov 17 2015 permalink

Local development lets me run cool experiments. I have python2.7, python3.5, and pypy virtualenvs.

21:53 utc nov 15 2015 permalink

Sped up the lifestream page by 30ms by caching the archive sidebar. More template speedups to be had by switching to python3 (str to unicode coercion in python2) #win #performance

13:11 utc nov 15 2015 permalink

Woo! I can run hyperbola on my mac. Local development! #win

12:03 utc nov 15 2015 permalink

Even better: precompiling app/hyperbola to pyc and getting to keep the deployment read-only. better #win

07:27 utc nov 15 2015 permalink

gunicorn workers get warm quicker now that I've allowed gunicorn write access to a deployment's app and virtualenv dirs #win

05:35 utc nov 15 2015 permalink

Root fs usage is down to 3.5G.

05:34 utc nov 15 2015 permalink

Finally started cleaning old deployments. After each deploy, my deploy script removes all but the latest 5 deployments for a given env. can rest peacefully.

05:32 utc nov 14 2015 permalink

90mbps upload to Box from the corporate network is pretty nice when backing up my photos (all 25GB of them).

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06:51 utc nov 12 2015 permalink

Did some archeology today to unearth an ancient version of Same color scheme as today. Yes, there was an assets domain. Had to do forensic analysis to reconstruct the index.html.

04:11 utc nov 12 2015 permalink

It continually amazes me at how much conflict is solved with "assume good intent."

08:08 utc nov 09 2015 permalink

Added a post-commit hook to my gollum wiki today to do a pull/push. Changes instantly synced to #github. No more stupid 5-minutely cron. #win