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23:47 utc sep 26 2013 permalink

The bare minimum I need on a server to feel comfortable is `set -o vi` #vim #bash

07:07 utc jul 07 2012 permalink

So I have some autocmds in my vimrc already, but tonight I wrote my own. It detects macruby in the shebang of a script and sets a var to tell syntastic to load a different syntax checker #vim

19:01 utc jul 02 2012 permalink

Just added #solarized and a #vim plugin (vrapper) to #eclipse. zOMG this is so awesome

17:49 utc apr 04 2012 permalink

I remember when I first upgraded from notepad to scite when I first installed #ruby. You had to modify this conf file to get monospace all the time ... #vim is so much better #nostalgia

15:48 utc mar 01 2012 permalink

Today I learned that #vim and #emacs treat newlines as line terminators. This means files written by them always end in a newline. #learnsomethingnew

09:19 utc jan 06 2012 permalink

#vim modelines are the best. Just added filetype modelines to all of my wonkily named #bash config files. Syntax highlighting rules

23:50 utc dec 20 2011 permalink

Switched to solarized color scheme in terminal and #vim. Everything looks different, I love it though. I'll get used to it. Also, Inconsolata rocks.

08:40 utc aug 07 2011 permalink

yet again, #vim is awesome:

00:48 utc aug 07 2011 permalink

#vim omni completion + #supertab = #vim #bliss. I'm never using an IDE again

06:40 utc jul 27 2011 permalink

finally got around to giving my #vim config some love. MacVim is pretty cool.