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03:05 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

Yikes haven't done a deploy since January 6. I've definitely been ignoring all of the USNs about Linux kernel vulnerabilities. #fail Django 2.2 release is what got me to get to upgrading #django #win

03:22 utc oct 28 2018 permalink

#django is a joy to use. Making my new blog app was so easy. Each view is only two lines of code! #win

06:05 utc oct 02 2018 permalink

Jumped to latest #django 2.0.x and then to latest 2.1.x today. No deprecation warnings, smooth sailing. As a plus, I turned on PYTHONWARNINGS for my app in systemd #win

07:24 utc may 28 2018 permalink

hyperbola is ready for #django 2.1. That was easy #win

00:30 utc apr 14 2018 permalink

I am surprised that #django autolinked the .tires domain. We live in the future.

21:14 utc dec 02 2017 permalink

hyperbola is now running #django 2.0. Added automigrate to hyperbola-app systemd unit, eliminating one of the last things I ever needed a bastion host for #win

03:23 utc oct 06 2017 permalink

I skipped #django 1.11.4 and 1.11.5. Finally did an upgrade today to 1.11.6 #win. My dep upgrades for python, js, and ansible deps are too coarse grained. Pulled in ansible changes which blocked the deployment #fail

05:52 utc jul 02 2017 permalink

related, using pip-tools to manage and pin python dependencies has removed uncertainty from my deploy process. Upgrade packages only when I intend to #win #django 1.11.3 upgrade went super smoothly in part due to this

15:43 utc apr 22 2017 permalink

Upgraded to #django 1.11 ... woo LTS

23:31 utc mar 21 2017 permalink

Tested a #django release candidate (1.11RC1) for the first time. Site continues to work. No deprecation warnings. #win

23:23 utc nov 30 2016 permalink

#django feature request and #patch accepted

21:25 utc nov 26 2016 permalink

Yay refactoring! #python #django #win

05:16 utc nov 18 2016 permalink

Now have proper retina image support on lifestream and contact page. Generating @2x and @3x images. The flexibility of django-imagekit helped. This is a well-designed library. #django #ux

08:37 utc mar 05 2016 permalink

This new #django admin UI is HOT!

08:37 utc mar 05 2016 permalink

Finally got around to getting my #django 1.9 upgrade branch over the line. Didn't have django-pipeline pinned and 1.6 introduced a breaking change to settings. All done now.

02:19 utc dec 13 2015 permalink

python -Wall is a neat trick. Cleaned up a bunch of #django deprecation warnings

07:28 utc nov 08 2015 permalink

I feel like my #django site is futureproofed for at least the next two minor version upgrades now. Just converted a ton of render_to_response snippets to the new render hotness. Even feels faster.

01:50 utc nov 08 2015 permalink

Despite being stable, #django deprecates frequently. What they deprecate tends to have been the recommended way of doing it circa 1.4 ... feels like they are slowly rewriting everything.

22:25 utc nov 04 2015 permalink

Fixed a long outstanding bug in how the sidebar on the lifestream calculated monthly post counts #win Tickled by the upgrade to #django 1.8 which caused them to all display as 1. #fail

11:15 utc nov 01 2015 permalink

Finally upgraded to #django 1.8. Only an 8 commit adventure