Posts from January 2018

23:20 utc jan 27 2018 permalink

it looks like prod peaks at 75 req/s #performance

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Not to mention Let's Encrypt to Amazon back to Let's Encrypt again (for vagrant) for certs

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I've had significant churn on tools in the past year for building hyperbola: pip to pip-tools to pipenv. gulp to webpack. linode to AWS. bespoke deployment and scripts to ansible. All good, just exhasuting.

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vagrant-lb PR:

04:03 utc jan 22 2018 permalink

Ansible, Let's Encrypt, nginx, and Vagrant have combined to make my local env look more like prod. Spun up a new ALB-like VM with HTTPS. less divergence #win

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Starting 2018 off right by fixing pbr installation, deploying django 2.0.1, upgrading Pillow, and removing dep on django-localflavor #win