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#versioncontrol, or the lack thereof. This was my first major software project. I was a junior in high school. I was making a symbolic math thing. #fail or the reasons any CS class should teach #git

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#Songza's use of high-res album art alone makes the experience feel better than #Pandora. Add in the fun way of selecting playlists and we have a winner

02:24 utc may 09 2012 permalink Not only is it awesome, but logging in doesn't stop my music from playing. sweet #ux

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My wiki was spammed and turned into a link farm for discount pharmaceuticals. Good thing its backed by #git -- fixing it was trivial

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google docs for #LaTeX

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#notetoself: Next time you need to run more than 3 tasks that take 10 minutes or more to run, invest in figuring out how to script it #fail #thesis2012

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A watched pot never boils. Neither does a long running task when you're not tailing the log file. #thesis2012

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Running experiments. It's been 9 hours now. #thesis2012

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ssh and an html/js terminal that will run anywhere I have chrome because of native client? Yes please #win #awesome