Posts from June 2017

16:39 utc jun 23 2017 permalink

OMG just rewrote my #git PS1 which runs as part of my PROMPT_COMMAND. Now 20% faster both inside and outside a repo. terminal feels so much faster now #win #performance

04:11 utc jun 21 2017 permalink

tried copying a 2TB Time Machine volume at the file system level using Finder drag and drop. #fail sadtimes. Was going on 6 hours and still resolving hard links. Currently attempting block-level copy with Disk Utility

15:23 utc jun 14 2017 permalink

I am living the dream with an n/ac-only network

22:42 utc jun 13 2017 permalink

Packer + Ansible + AWS + Terraform is really quite lovely #devops #win