Posts from July 2015

04:06 utc jul 22 2015 permalink

took 1minute of downtime today for a #mysql 5.5 upgrade from ubuntu

18:34 utc jul 09 2015 permalink

still hanging around: 4GB of old staging installs and 2GB of old prod installs

18:27 utc jul 09 2015 permalink

Just did some disk usage cleanup on hyperbola. Had 4 old ruby installs hanging out (2GB), a 700MB gunicorn logfile that was being written to every second, and a v full apt cache (1GB)

18:21 utc jul 09 2015 permalink

even with a staging env, deploys still require a site check

03:51 utc jul 01 2015 permalink

I love Apple's "quit unexpectedly" euphemism for crash