Posts from June 2018

04:26 utc jun 27 2018 permalink

I published a post about AWS Reserved Instances today

02:37 utc jun 11 2018 permalink

Optimizing for #cost and complexity, #docker and ECS/EKS are not worth it for my 1 node crud app

06:53 utc jun 10 2018 permalink

Saved me $17 a month. My primary #AWS #cost is now my ALB. I'd replace it with an nginx if not for ACM making certs so easy

06:52 utc jun 10 2018 permalink

Modified RDS to be single-AZ #HA

06:51 utc jun 10 2018 permalink

Set desired backend ASG capacity to 1, but added autoscaling alarms to allow scaling up to 3 instances #HA

06:50 utc jun 10 2018 permalink

Realized that hyperbola doesn't need to be super #HA

04:47 utc jun 05 2018 permalink

Last week I tried to build hyperbola with #docker. I ended up with 5 containers to deploy a stage environment.