Posts from October 2014

06:30 utc oct 28 2014 permalink

Now I have #utf8 support in #MySQL. I thought I did but that was a #fail. Bitten by the difference between utf8 and utf8mb4. Alas, #Django 500's; no emoji for me

03:28 utc oct 20 2014 permalink

I still don't have zero-downtime #MySQL upgrades. Lost a nine #fail

05:35 utc oct 18 2014 permalink

Just added CORS headers for web-fonts on my 2 assets domains through cloudflare ... whoa. This has apparently been broken for a while #fail #win #hyperbola

05:52 utc oct 14 2014 permalink

I do not understand Box Engineering's blanket aversion to a build step. So many generated artifacts checked in. #fail

02:55 utc oct 09 2014 permalink

Started going through the Functional Programming in Scala book today #scala