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Debugging an mruby Heap Corruption in Artichoke with Pernosco

Ryan Lopopolo | September 19, 2021
Pernosco is a hosted omniscient debugger that makes debugging complicated bugs tractable.

Source-level Polymorphism in Rust

Ryan Lopopolo | December 24, 2020
Interface compatibility does not require implementing an interface or a trait. Use compile-time flags and source-compatible APIs to swap out implementations.

Communicating with the Synthesis Step

Ryan Lopopolo | August 20, 2019
Help your stakeholders by doing the hard work of distilling why the information you're sharing is important.

Cactus Harvesting: Cycle-Aware Reference Counting in Rust

Ryan Lopopolo | July 15, 2019
🌵 CactusRef lets you build cyclic data structures using strong references and knows how to deallocate unreachable cycles. You can use CactusRef to implement a doubly linked list. The CactusRef API is compatible with std::rc.

The Conjoined Villages: Baarle-Hertog and Baarle-Nassau

Ryan Lopopolo | June 29, 2019
The border between Baarle-Hertog 🇧🇪 and Baarle-Nassau 🇳🇱 is one of the most complicated international borders in the world.

Sprint Log, 2019-03-08

Ryan Lopopolo | March 9, 2019
What I did this sprint: Less raw code output, more broad impact.

Senior Engineers Build Consensus

Ryan Lopopolo | March 3, 2019
To be an effective senior engineer, you need to convince others to help you execute.

Reflections on Learning Rust By Building Punchtop

Ryan Lopopolo | January 27, 2019
To learn Rust, I implemented an audio game. There were some things I liked and some things I didn't. Some things were easy and some were hard. And there were plenty of libraries that were a joy to use.

Social Coding 2018 Recap

Ryan Lopopolo | December 28, 2018
I contributed to open source more than I ever have in 2018; but there is a lot I can do to improve.

Postmortem: 502s During Parameter Store Rollout

Ryan Lopopolo | November 16, 2018
Terraform misconfiguration of SSM PrivateLink endpoint completely brings down hyperbo.la.

Blue-Green Deployments With Autoscaling Groups and Terraform

Ryan Lopopolo | November 5, 2018
Moving blue-green deployments into terraform-managed autoscaling groups makes rolling out new AMIs easier.

AWS Is Your Org Chart

Ryan Lopopolo | October 27, 2018
Your AWS infrastructure is designed by your org chart. Alignment comes from increased communication and accountability.

Productive Engineering–Finance Partnership

Ryan Lopopolo | October 27, 2018
A successful partnership between Engineering and Finance creates better business outcomes.