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08:28 utc dec 28 2011 permalink

you can see the xcode in my eyes ... #allidoiscode

23:50 utc dec 20 2011 permalink

Switched to solarized color scheme in terminal and #vim. Everything looks different, I love it though. I'll get used to it. Also, Inconsolata rocks.

06:36 utc dec 19 2011 permalink

^(void) { NSLog(@"Closures are badass"); }

20:20 utc dec 17 2011 permalink

history of version control. An entertaining read woo #git

19:49 utc dec 17 2011 permalink

I am so sick of nyan cats now

05:28 utc dec 14 2011 permalink

so after hacking around in #objc all day, the syntax is starting to make sense. I actually kinda like it. #macruby is so awesome though.

19:31 utc dec 13 2011 permalink #git grep is pretty cool, but I think i'll stick to #ack

11:28 utc dec 13 2011 permalink

sweet, there's been a patch since may, but no need to put out a bugfix release or anything #fail #git

02:00 utc dec 08 2011 permalink

#firefox dims the favicons of inactive tabs. That's so nice.

04:29 utc dec 07 2011 permalink

printed over 600 pages in an athena cluster today #win #whatquota

22:45 utc dec 06 2011 permalink

#hack to fix someone else's #PHP #fail foreach ($_POST as $key => $value) { $_POST[$key] = mysql_real_escape_string($value); }

18:15 utc dec 06 2011 permalink

what I've been working on: sandboxing #chrome extensions

03:38 utc dec 06 2011 permalink

I am a #git asshole according to #esalazar and #willcu

03:37 utc dec 06 2011 permalink

apache, quit installing sites into my sites-enabled directory. You're taking my shit offline #fail