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04:39 utc jul 29 2019 permalink

Being forced to set up the repository infra from scratch in cactusref was a good way to fix everything I disliked about my dev environment. CircleCI build and scripts/ got overhauled #win #artichoke #shell #bash #node #lint

05:52 utc mar 04 2015 permalink

Upcoming Xen vuln was the forcing function to get my gunicorn upstart scripts able to work after a reboot. There is some nasty in them #bash

23:47 utc sep 26 2013 permalink

The bare minimum I need on a server to feel comfortable is `set -o vi` #vim #bash

09:19 utc jan 06 2012 permalink

#vim modelines are the best. Just added filetype modelines to all of my wonkily named #bash config files. Syntax highlighting rules

03:07 utc jul 30 2011 permalink

What a busy friday. Switched to iTerm. 256 colors is nice. Set up a git repo with all my dotfiles. Got real #serious with my #bash config.