Posts from July 2011

03:07 utc jul 30 2011 permalink

What a busy friday. Switched to iTerm. 256 colors is nice. Set up a git repo with all my dotfiles. Got real #serious with my #bash config.

05:35 utc jul 29 2011 permalink

got a new #server. It's in Newark. It's some lonely VM. It's time to get serious.

06:40 utc jul 27 2011 permalink

finally got around to giving my #vim config some love. MacVim is pretty cool.

05:52 utc jul 26 2011 permalink

#mashup #idea: quova + mixpanel. Give it the ability to scope by region/state/country/county

05:48 utc jul 26 2011 permalink

the hyperbola repos have been migrated to github. and so begins the death of

04:24 utc jul 19 2011 permalink

I avoid adding punctuation after my #hashtags because there's a #bug in my regex that parses them. #thingsishouldfix #django

02:38 utc jul 19 2011 permalink

just had THE #idea ... Bounced it off someone aaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.

22:33 utc jul 17 2011 permalink

After working with #rails for a bit now, I kinda like the #magic. DB interations seem so much more natural than they do in #django

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01:33 utc jul 16 2011 permalink

My new favicon welcomes my site to 1996 #itsgreattobehere #fail

05:54 utc jul 15 2011 permalink

oh #quora, you sly kitten, requiring me to sign up to view all the answers to a question

05:50 utc jul 15 2011 permalink

#thingsiwant Next birthday present to myself: CrashPlan+. Offsite #backup of all of my media? Yes, please.

05:49 utc jul 15 2011 permalink

Thinking about migrating this site to EC2. Probably gonna stick with #django. will probably die; github does it way better. Moving all media assets to s3: maybe. ssl: probs not

06:35 utc jul 11 2011 permalink

checked my Activity Monitor, had 2 #ruby processes each at 90% cpu which had been running for hours. trapping signals #fail

03:42 utc jul 11 2011 permalink

open("|-"), you are a tricky beast. Successfully fork bombed myself 5 times before I sorted that out.

06:35 utc jul 09 2011 permalink

why `svn status` prints nothing when you have a clean working directory is beyond me. #git ftw

06:14 utc jul 09 2011 permalink

hyperbola, now with 500% more cache-control headers

04:52 utc jul 09 2011 permalink

I need to get around to resetting up this server. I want to switch from svn to git and redo the whole apache config. why did I put the site in /var where I have to sudo all the time?? #linux #fail

04:51 utc jul 09 2011 permalink

one day I'll set up a #django dev environment again. Until then, we'll do it live!

04:28 utc jul 09 2011 permalink

Finally fixed the css on my site to be less of an abomination. width: auto, you are wonderful