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23:07 utc dec 28 2018 permalink

The most expensive part of hyperbola's #aws infrastructure is the SSM PrivateLink endpoint in 3 AZs #fail #cost

23:11 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

Add in some manual #terraform state edits and deleting things in the #aws console and we're recovered #fail #win

06:30 utc oct 03 2018 permalink

Further #cost optimized my #AWS infra. Saved $3/month by turning off CloudWatch monitoring and making my ASG out of spot instances #win

20:18 utc sep 29 2018 permalink

#AWS suggested for us to use a snowball to ship our data to a new region. This is an amazing product, but yea no

04:18 utc aug 22 2018 permalink

That was easy! hyperbola running on t3s now. #aws #terraform #win

06:53 utc jun 10 2018 permalink

Saved me $17 a month. My primary #AWS #cost is now my ALB. I'd replace it with an nginx if not for ACM making certs so easy

02:48 utc apr 03 2018 permalink

Sometimes using the #AWS cost and usage reports is just not fun, mostly due to the myriad of columns being undocumented. #fail

05:04 utc dec 02 2017 permalink

That was easy. Enabled #AWS Time Sync by adding one ansible role, reading some docs, and redeploying. #win

05:57 utc nov 30 2017 permalink

Shaved another $35 (40%) off my #AWS bill by disabling the NAT on my app subnets. Yay immutable infrastructure and VPC endpoints #win

06:36 utc nov 18 2017 permalink

The v0.116.0 deploy was done using a spot instance with packer. A bigger instance for half the price #aws

03:32 utc nov 18 2017 permalink

LOL that was only six years ago ... don't let your dreams stay dreams: #aws

05:31 utc nov 06 2017 permalink

Even more cost savings: dynamically provisioned bastion cloudformation stack #terraform #aws

04:51 utc nov 06 2017 permalink

More cost savings. RAM footprint of a hyperbola backend is 143MB. Switch from t2.micro to t2.nano #aws #win

06:28 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

Switch from 3 to 2 backend machines. 1 is enough to handle the load I get, so use the bare minimum for redundancy #aws

06:27 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

Removed dependency on redis by switching to a django-provided database-as-cache adapter. My redis cluster was used only for admin sessions and caching a sidebar on the lifestream page. Unnecessary overhead #aws

06:26 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

Switched DB instance type from db.t2.small to db.t2.micro. From running my linode I know that MySQL never used more than ~400MB of RAM so I knew this was safe. My database is tiny #aws

06:25 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

Switched from Aurora to a multi-az RDS instance. I don't need the complex topologies that aurora allows and it forced me to use an overprovisioned instance type #aws

06:24 utc nov 04 2017 permalink

Now that I've shown I can go all out with the most expensive #AWS components, today I exercised my cost efficiency and right sizing muscles. I cut my AWS bill in half with the following steps:

02:05 utc nov 03 2017 permalink

3 AZs I feel so alive #aws

00:37 utc jul 24 2017 permalink

DNS is flipped and propagated! Live in #aws! #win