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./unixtools gzcat ~/Desktop/f.gz.gz | ./unixtools gzip -d - ... having fun implementing parts of busybox using #golang. So far I've got gzcat, gzip, and yes

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Services team get rekt #oncall pages from 9pm Friday to 8am Saturday ... something about the corp dc migration

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#quora ahh yes ... database systems

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So this is what a real oncall rotation feels like. So many things.

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whoaaaaaaa ... an unsaved txt file from my work laptop showed up on my personal laptop. #cloud

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This week at work I settled on a secret delivery mechanism that bootstraps with #kubernetes (or puppet if a service isn't containerized)

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Just spent 5 minutes hopping through man pages trying to grok a script I wrote a while ago only to realize there were comments explaining exactly what was going on #fail #docs