Posts from February 2012

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That feeling when you go to empty your trash and you realize that there were over 14k files in it that account for 15GB of disk space. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? #fail

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So now that I got #airdrop working, I like it. It doesn't handle large transfers so well though. Transferring a gig of #music files has taken 15 minutes so far and I'm only 2/3 done. #fail and #win

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Linus Torvalds is a boss #c

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I'd post about how #adtargeted I feel everytime I see a New Relic ad, but it'd only make it worse

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I hate writing unit tests #junit #java #dbclass

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Math m = null; m.sin(0.5); is valid #java and computes the sin of 0.5. #learnsomethingnew Type resolution is cool.

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what respectable course 6er needs eclipse to write html, css, and js? #uiclass #smh #vimftw

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yes, that question I asked on piazza was an excuse to show off my PS1 to the entire class #swag

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the newest xcode download slimmed down a lot. less than 1.5 gigs #thingsthataregood

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Laptop is using full disk encryption and #hyperbola now backs up the db and all of its media to dropbox #swag #programmerresolutions

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Process for rendering pset: Type in vim using markdown > render to html and open in chrome > print to pdf #doingitthehardway

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After a struggle to import data from Firefox, I've switched to Chrome #thingsthatarenew The only extensions I'm running are 3 greasemonkey scripts I can't live w/o