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10:33 utc nov 08 2013 permalink

Finally added an upstart script for my gollum wiki #linux #ops One less thing to worry about when dealing with a reboot or upgrade

09:02 utc nov 08 2013 permalink

Only minor drama when upgrading hyperbola to 12.04 LTS ... #mysql failed to cleanly upgrade to 5.5 and I forgot the correct URL for my staging environment #linux #fail

04:00 utc sep 23 2013 permalink

Now it's time to figure out what part of the stack is preventing #concurrency from exceeding 100 connections #jetty #linux

19:22 utc nov 09 2011 permalink

Just did an ubuntu server upgrade from hardy #linux #fail

03:46 utc oct 24 2011 permalink

I have 3 spare computers lying around. What should I do with them? One idea is to turn them into a cluster with one node running a shared kernel for the entire cluster. #rpc #linux

05:32 utc sep 30 2011 permalink

So on this one server, my default shell was /bin/sh, i'm not a sudoer, root owns my home directory, and another user owns /home. #linux #fail

04:52 utc jul 09 2011 permalink

I need to get around to resetting up this server. I want to switch from svn to git and redo the whole apache config. why did I put the site in /var where I have to sudo all the time?? #linux #fail

06:52 utc jun 20 2011 permalink

Should I upgrade 10.04 LTS to 11.04? #linux

02:58 utc jun 08 2011 permalink

lesson learned: never muck around with mysql's database directory; you will screw up #fail #linux

14:44 utc may 22 2011 permalink

sysadmin ing is fun. hello beautiful browser based svn repo browsing (insurrection) and web-based svn admining (svn-admin) #linux #win

22:39 utc jan 13 2011 permalink

Found out that my raid array not mounting a couple months ago was due to a failed drive. Can't recover it. I lost so much data. #linux #fail

05:43 utc dec 21 2010 permalink

Had a bad run-in with rm -rf. lost the sqlite database for the site. on the bright side, I'm using mysql now. #linux #fail