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14:59 utc dec 21 2017 permalink

Baby's first hadoop. Taken from long forgotten code written in 2005 #history

05:44 utc dec 19 2017 permalink

Removed some "bespokeness" from hyperbola: migrated from a shell script that exported env vars and exec'd to dotenv. Same concept, but now a standard mechanism #win

06:17 utc dec 04 2017 permalink

Put some investment into my #vagrant setup. MySQL running in a separate VM with automatically provisioned fixtures means I can go from zero to full replica of prod in 10 minutes. No more dep on laptop MySQL. #win

00:04 utc dec 03 2017 permalink

New in v0.122.0: python packaging actually works now. No .pth symlinks. No PYTHONPATH. and pbr install hyperbola directly into the venv. Finally. #win

21:14 utc dec 02 2017 permalink

hyperbola is now running #django 2.0. Added automigrate to hyperbola-app systemd unit, eliminating one of the last things I ever needed a bastion host for #win

17:57 utc dec 02 2017 permalink

Found a lifestream bug during my Django 2.0 upgrade that was never exercised on the live site because I've never had more than 40 posts in a month #fail

05:05 utc dec 02 2017 permalink

I suspect that NTP traffic was the trickle of traffic that traversed my recently decomissioned NAT

05:04 utc dec 02 2017 permalink

That was easy. Enabled #AWS Time Sync by adding one ansible role, reading some docs, and redeploying. #win