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23:11 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

Add in some manual #terraform state edits and deleting things in the #aws console and we're recovered #fail #win

22:59 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

Undeployable manifested as healthz returning 502 when adding a new instance to the ALB, marking it as unhealthy and timing out #terraform

07:04 utc oct 28 2018 permalink

I added code block and syntax highlighting to my new #blog. Planning on using it for an upcoming post about #terraform.

04:18 utc aug 22 2018 permalink

That was easy! hyperbola running on t3s now. #aws #terraform #win

00:29 utc apr 14 2018 permalink

for, I stopped using #terraform for managing the static content of the site. It now lives outside of my terraform code in a public directory, published explicitly with a make target #win

02:37 utc nov 11 2017 permalink

welp that didn't last long. CloudFlare only queries a subset of NS records to check for liveness and has determined that I no longer use CloudFlare. Working on purging them from #terraform and registrar now #fail

05:31 utc nov 06 2017 permalink

Even more cost savings: dynamically provisioned bastion cloudformation stack #terraform #aws

04:42 utc aug 23 2017 permalink

#terraform is now a package manager. Great. #fail. For some reason plugin downloads hang if the download gets an IPV6 edge node in their CDN.

03:17 utc aug 17 2017 permalink

thinking of removing dependency on #cloudflare. currently only used for DNS. Email records are the scary part. #terraform makes this mostly easy

05:18 utc jul 25 2017 permalink

4. problem: https is hard. solution: ACM + #terraform + ALB + CloudFront

09:55 utc jul 22 2017 permalink

my #terraform life became much easier by using name_prefix instead of name. name and name_prefix parameters were never interpolated. Instead, use interpolation in tags. In practice this means config can change without rebuilding the world #win

09:54 utc jul 22 2017 permalink

I initially went with the unclustered variants of elasticache and rds. Once I wrapped my head around the topology, #redis cluster mode and #aurora were much easier to work with in #terraform

09:52 utc jul 22 2017 permalink

buliding the #aws infra took about 30 commits, two #terraform destroys, and two terraform code rewrites. some fun bits in the following posts

18:40 utc jul 02 2017 permalink

Converted wiki from ELB to ALB this morning ... took a couple of hours. modified #terraform config and updated #ansible ... also converted from Let's Encrypt to ACM. #win

06:37 utc may 13 2017 permalink

Migrated terraform state from a private github repo to a private, encrypted S3 bucket. State infra is bulkheaded from main app and protected with prevent_destroy lifecycle #win #terraform #aws

21:27 utc nov 26 2016 permalink

bastion is now in an ASG with an automatically bound (with user data) elastic IP. Yay fault-tolerant infra! #win #aws #terraform