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23:11 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

At least I was able to repro in local #vagrant once I figured out what was going on. #win

17:27 utc nov 03 2018 permalink

I completed removing build artifacts from source control. Static assets dist and document-root dirs: replaced with running #webpack on host. Third-party #ansible roles: installed from galaxy via #packer and #vagrant at provision time. #win

06:17 utc dec 04 2017 permalink

Put some investment into my #vagrant setup. MySQL running in a separate VM with automatically provisioned fixtures means I can go from zero to full replica of prod in 10 minutes. No more dep on laptop MySQL. #win

05:17 utc jul 25 2017 permalink

3. problem: manual, bespoke server configuration. solution: #ansible, #vagrant, #packer, prebaked AMIs. immutable infrastructure

09:50 utc jul 22 2017 permalink

The migration from a bespoke-bootstrapped, manual (scripted) deploy process to an #ansible playbook took about 20 commits. I deployed to a local #vagrant box first

10:45 utc nov 20 2016 permalink

hyperbola-wiki is now fully deployed using #ansible. #vagrant made testing easy. #win