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03:52 utc jul 03 2019 permalink

Optimized String#scan in ferrocarril to be comparable to CRuby performance #rust #ruby #mruby #performance

23:20 utc jan 27 2018 permalink

it looks like prod peaks at 75 req/s #performance

16:39 utc jun 23 2017 permalink

OMG just rewrote my #git PS1 which runs as part of my PROMPT_COMMAND. Now 20% faster both inside and outside a repo. terminal feels so much faster now #win #performance

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04:09 utc nov 15 2016 permalink

DOMContentLoaded in less than 200ms on lifestream index #performance #cdn

07:38 utc nov 24 2015 permalink

Switching from yui-compressor to yuglify saved me 1KB on bootstrap.js and 30 bytes on bootstrap+hyperbola css #performance

03:32 utc nov 22 2015 permalink

lifestream template refactor didn't yield any #performance wins, but the code is much cleaner now. #win

03:31 utc nov 22 2015 permalink

Front page warm nginx latency is 12ms; contact page is 20ms #performance

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08:13 utc nov 17 2015 permalink

Current prod gunicorn time (measured at nginx) for the lifestream index page is 70ms with no partial caching and 40ms with the sidebar cached #performance

07:59 utc nov 17 2015 permalink

Tested rendering the lifestream index with all 3 interpreters. pypy is slower than python2.7 by 2x. python3.5 is faster than python2.7 by 2x. #performance

21:53 utc nov 15 2015 permalink

Sped up the lifestream page by 30ms by caching the archive sidebar. More template speedups to be had by switching to python3 (str to unicode coercion in python2) #win #performance

09:41 utc mar 23 2014 permalink

60ms server-side latency on the lifestream page now #performance

02:03 utc jan 13 2014 permalink

got another big #performance win by not minifying HTML in python not doing so shaved ~100ms off response time which means my server was spending more than 100ms of CPU time for the pleasure #fail

01:58 utc jan 13 2014 permalink

about ~20% of server time for lifestream is spent reversing URLs for hashtags :/ #performance #fail

01:57 utc jan 13 2014 permalink

Latency at nginx for hyperbola: frontpage: 25ms, contact: 40ms, lifestream: 200ms #performance

19:58 utc jan 12 2014 permalink

Switching gunicorn to a domain socket instead of a TCP port sped up the site by 2x #performance

21:08 utc jan 11 2014 permalink

Spent the last week optimizing, re-styling, and significantly refactoring hyperbola. The lifestream page loads ~300ms faster and DOMReady is ~600ms faster #performance

10:09 utc jan 08 2014 permalink

Get optimized, HTML! Just added some middleware that minifies Django template HTML output #performance Google pagespeed really likes my site now (on Desktops) ... 94/100 #win

03:58 utc sep 23 2013 permalink

Throughput on the #box #metadata backend is limited by the rate at which our load driver can make requests. 2ms latency at the client. Damn this thing is #fast #performance

00:16 utc jul 01 2013 permalink

Woo: hyperbola, now with thumbnailing #performance