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T-minus 2.5 weeks #thesis2012 OMG I HAVE 70 EXPERIMENTS TO RUN,

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screen wipes are the best things ever for both laptop screens and glasses #win #thingsineedtobuy

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I wanna give a big shoutout to the #java jvisualvm, without whom figuring out my perf problems would have been much harder

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#lessonlearned: Don't create a billion Timer objects. One is probably enough. Managed to get #eclipse to fail at repainting itself because it was running about 700 threads #java #fail

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I feel like serializing procs to strings, passing them over HTTP and evaling them is an abuse of #ruby, but it is awesome that I can #win

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I do not care whether your API is RESTful. Does it work and will it do what I want? #marketing #fail

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I remember when I first upgraded from notepad to scite when I first installed #ruby. You had to modify this conf file to get monospace all the time ... #vim is so much better #nostalgia