Posts from July 2012

22:12 utc jul 28 2012 permalink

#metaprogramming is awesome. In a new project, adding an API endpoint is as simple as defining a single constant

22:11 utc jul 28 2012 permalink

Changed my terminal and vim fontsize from 14pt to 24pt at work. zOMG so much better

06:21 utc jul 19 2012 permalink

alias jsonpp='python -mjson.tool' greatest alias ever for #json #api development

07:07 utc jul 07 2012 permalink

So I have some autocmds in my vimrc already, but tonight I wrote my own. It detects macruby in the shebang of a script and sets a var to tell syntastic to load a different syntax checker #vim

19:01 utc jul 02 2012 permalink

Just added #solarized and a #vim plugin (vrapper) to #eclipse. zOMG this is so awesome