Posts from April 2016

03:22 utc apr 30 2016 permalink

I love linters #js #css #python

07:30 utc apr 13 2016 permalink hahahahaha #fail Daemons in macruby #ruby

05:27 utc apr 10 2016 permalink

I enjoy golfing my minified javascript. Just shaved 19 bytes off of the inlined date formatter js I include on the lifestream page #js #win

07:22 utc apr 08 2016 permalink

The only times I have ever run ant as a build tool were a couple of CS classes back at MIT—4 years ago. Even today, it remains my 8th most frequently used command on my mac

06:40 utc apr 07 2016 permalink

Filed a site issue JIRA on my last day. It was eventually closed as invalid. By the time this happened, though, I had lost systems access and couldn't discuss it further

06:55 utc apr 04 2016 permalink

Today was the day of linters. Added eslint, flake8 config, and isort to hyperbola

10:02 utc apr 03 2016 permalink

"we successfully avoided a split brain scenario due to master/master replication" #mysql #fail

09:08 utc apr 02 2016 permalink

hyperbola prod is now running #py3 what a time to be alive