Welcome to hyperbola, the online portfolio and web presence of Ryan Lopopolo. This is mostly a microblog and contact page. For projects, see my GitHub.

oh hai!

I'm a software engineer working at Stripe in Seattle. I am a generalist with experience building APIs, mobile SDKs, backend services, ETLs, and infrastructure automation.

hyperbo.la is a way in which I keep my skills sharp when I'm not working. The site is built with python, django, webpack, AWS, vagrant, ansible, and terraform. The code is open source.

I am a git fanboy. I think I like ruby better than python nowadays; but I prefer django to rails. Scala is slowly seducing me and golang is giving me goosebumps. Terraform and AWS are my new toys.

ESPN is my favorite news source. I love sneakers and discovering new music.

Current Pursuits

Working on making infrastructure spend more efficient at Stripe. Knee deep in AWS, reserved instances, cost attribution, capacity planning, and usage forecasting.