Welcome to hyperbola, the online portfolio and web presence of Ryan Lopopolo. This is mostly a microblog and contact page. For projects, see my GitHub.

👋 Hello

Hi. I'm a software engineer working at Stripe in Seattle. I am a generalist with experience building APIs, mobile SDKs, backend services, ETLs, infrastructure automation, and other prod-infra shaped systems.

My favorite programming languages are Ruby and Rust, but I love to write glue code and scripts in Python. Terraform and AWS are lots of fun, but it is better to not maintain infrastructure if I don't have to.

I love sneakers, going on short hikes with my wife, and discovering new music.

GPG Keys

I sign my commits on GitHub with one of several GPG keys:

Current Pursuits

Working on expanding Stripe into Latin America. Focused on supporting new payment methods and financial rails in Brasil and México like Boletos, OXXO, and credit card installments. Building APIs, settlement pipelines, and ops reporting jobs.

Building Artichoke Ruby, a Ruby made with Rust. Tweeting about progress at @artichokeruby.