Welcome to hyperbola, the online portfolio and web presence of Ryan Lopopolo. This is mostly a microblog and contact page. For projects, see my GitHub.

đź‘‹ Hello

Hi. I'm a software engineer working remote in Seattle. I am a generalist with experience building APIs, mobile SDKs, backend services, ETLs, infrastructure automation, and other prod-infra shaped systems.

My favorite programming languages are Ruby and Rust, but I love to write glue code and scripts in Python. Terraform and AWS are lots of fun, but it is better to not maintain infrastructure if I don't have to.

I love sneakers, going on short hikes with my wife, and discovering new music.

GPG Keys

I sign my commits on GitHub with one of several GPG keys:

  • Fingerprint: 0x46047D739B6AE0B1
  • Fingerprint: 0x717CDD6DC84E7D45

Current Pursuits

Building Artichoke Ruby, a Ruby made with Rust. Tweeting about progress at @artichokeruby.