Posts from April 2019

07:45 utc apr 29 2019 permalink

About 6 weeks ago I reached out to two literary agents to see if they'd help me publish a book. I got an explicit rejection last week! A little bit #fail, but also definitely progress #win 😊

23:08 utc apr 27 2019 permalink

I just used #github to create a reproducer case for a panic in a #rust library #win #patch

05:24 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I generated FFI bindings for mruby with bindgen! I wrote a #c extension library for wrapping mruby macros! #win I wrote (a lot of) unsafe #rust code. Clippy helps a lot to make sure I'm not doing anything stupid. I have caused quite a few #segfault #fail

05:23 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I implemented a #rust macro for the first time to implement some traits to convert between mruby values and Vec and Option containers #win

05:22 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I overflowed the compiler (which didn't crash it) and crashed the linter with an ICE #win #fail

05:21 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I've been working on creating an idiomatic, modern set of #rust bindings for mruby, an embedded #ruby interpreter. I am learning a ton and doing lots of code things I've never done before! #win

05:05 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I found an ICE (internal compiler error) in clippy in #rust nightly #fail

03:46 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

looks like I didn't finalize the deploy in January so I had a few extra AMIs kicking around that I was needlessly paying for #aws #cost #fail #automation

03:42 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

The true motivation for getting me to mess with hyperbola today was an instance retirement notification from AWS. I had to muck with poetry to cycle my ASG #fail #aws

03:08 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

Uninstalling python 3.7.1 from pyenv broke my local poetry venv for hyperbola which prevented me from managing my deps #fail #python

03:05 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

Yikes haven't done a deploy since January 6. I've definitely been ignoring all of the USNs about Linux kernel vulnerabilities. #fail Django 2.2 release is what got me to get to upgrading #django #win