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01:35 utc may 17 2019 permalink

Excluding generated and vendored sources, ferrocarril is 8700 lines of #rust, #c, and #ruby. This is a lot of code. In very uncharacteristic fashion for a side project, a big chunk is tests #win

08:30 utc may 16 2019 permalink

ferrocarril is a new project I've been working on to embed #ruby on Rails in #rust

05:21 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I've been working on creating an idiomatic, modern set of #rust bindings for mruby, an embedded #ruby interpreter. I am learning a ton and doing lots of code things I've never done before! #win

06:33 utc jul 30 2017 permalink

I was first introduced to closures in summer '08 via #ruby blocks. This was probably the most magical moment I've ever experienced programming. That code was just another object you could pass around was amazing. Lisp would've been mind blowing. #history

07:30 utc apr 13 2016 permalink hahahahaha #fail Daemons in macruby #ruby

23:20 utc mar 22 2015 permalink

#ruby Fixnum is a weird beast. A class that doesn't have new.

03:47 utc feb 27 2015 permalink

OMG #ruby is using 19.22GB of memory executing a one liner #fail

07:22 utc jan 07 2015 permalink

I've been missing #ruby lately. I should make something.

04:10 utc mar 18 2014 permalink

#ruby has object tainting and security levels. So cool!

05:47 utc jun 12 2012 permalink

Gollum finally updates! Woo! #ruby #rubygems

21:50 utc apr 10 2012 permalink

I feel like serializing procs to strings, passing them over HTTP and evaling them is an abuse of #ruby, but it is awesome that I can #win

17:49 utc apr 04 2012 permalink

I remember when I first upgraded from notepad to scite when I first installed #ruby. You had to modify this conf file to get monospace all the time ... #vim is so much better #nostalgia

02:36 utc jan 18 2012 permalink

a productive day: did something I've been meaning to do for a while #ruby

18:33 utc sep 16 2011 permalink

the goes to operator (x --> 0) makes #C feel more like #ruby! lolz #fail

16:43 utc sep 10 2011 permalink

its amazing how much quicker a script runs when you don't create 60,000 Hashes and compile a regex 30k times #ruby

17:14 utc aug 29 2011 permalink

I'm going to miss #ruby's hash rocket

03:08 utc aug 27 2011 permalink #ruby on #android. This is pretty awesome, as is the name.

07:18 utc aug 12 2011 permalink

this is way cooler than rvm: #ruby

06:35 utc jul 11 2011 permalink

checked my Activity Monitor, had 2 #ruby processes each at 90% cpu which had been running for hours. trapping signals #fail