Posts from August 2018

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That was easy! hyperbola running on t3s now. #aws #terraform #win

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docker lessons:

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I also pruned a lot of config from my 12factor env, favoring convention for things like DB connection strings. In doing so, migrated to one hostname for DB across all environments. /etc/hosts alias in Vagrant, network in Docker, private hosted zone in AWS

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Finally deployed a 2 month old branch incorporating lessons learned from my Docker experiment into my VM-based deploys. Big change is building from local source instead of pulling in a tarball from GitHub. Iteration speed is improved #win

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One hack I've been using to enhance my productivity in the face of KTLO work is to write lots of things down. Project plans, system diagrams, user interviews. It helps organize the work that I have done and keeps me motivated.

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The past 4ish months I've been a team of one. Been a decent slog. It's been hard to be productive when all of the KTLO work falls on me. Getting a new teammate in a couple weeks. Excited. 🤩