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07:18 utc mar 27 2014 permalink

Killed it at #Box Dev today #metadata

09:41 utc mar 23 2014 permalink

60ms server-side latency on the lifestream page now #performance

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"It's Not Right but It's Okay" -- A poem by Whitney Houston about continually evolving software projects.

09:06 utc mar 21 2014 permalink

Today I learned more about sockets and ephemeral port exhaustion than I ever wanted to know. I normally take TCP as a given. #webscale #box #metadata #fail

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Next #devops steps for hyperbola: Rebuild machine from scratch on 64-bit kernel; use #docker and dockerize all services: nginx, staging django, prod django, MySQL; real deploy step; #git tag releases

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#ruby has object tainting and security levels. So cool!

22:09 utc mar 16 2014 permalink

#django sure as hell doesn't make it easy to get at the database backend ... but the fact that I can is still awesome. Enabled post count badges on lifestream.

08:14 utc mar 14 2014 permalink

Hyperbola, now with retina graphics! The logo and feed icons will come through as retina.

04:39 utc mar 12 2014 permalink

Lack of agency is the thing I fear most as an engineer. It's something I need to get better at dealing with.

04:38 utc mar 11 2014 permalink

Ways you can tell we have a major release coming up: Being in the office until 10:30 and 9:30 on consecutive nights.

09:19 utc mar 08 2014 permalink

Upgraded to Mavericks ... relinked all homebrew formulae like this:

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Did my first service deployment today. 6 nodes in 3 datacenters #box #metadata #devops

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Open-source #patch: