Posts from June 2014

07:17 utc jun 24 2014 permalink

thinking of writing a toy in #rust or #golang

05:06 utc jun 09 2014 permalink

swift is the #scala to objective-c's java ... that switch statement looks an awful lot like scala's match construct

07:53 utc jun 08 2014 permalink

TIL that two trailing spaces + line break = br in the same p #markdown #win

06:27 utc jun 04 2014 permalink

lol at the #nginx empty_gif directive

05:01 utc jun 02 2014 permalink

heh, spoke too soon ... #fail Had forgotten to update #nginx config so when I deleted the legacy deployments, I lost static assets and media.

04:33 utc jun 02 2014 permalink

live site was just deployed automatically for the first time. Switched from legacy deployment to automated with no downtime! #win

07:25 utc jun 01 2014 permalink

Just did 2 fully automated deployments to staging! #win #automation