23:07 utc dec 28 2018 permalink

The most expensive part of hyperbola's #aws infrastructure is the SSM PrivateLink endpoint in 3 AZs #fail #cost

19:48 utc dec 26 2018 permalink

First #rust #patch accepted closing out 2018 with a bang

03:55 utc dec 23 2018 permalink

Optimizing #react bundle ... cut bundle size by 72KB. Biggest wins are turning an image into CSS + an emoji, removing unused deps, enabling mini-css-extract-plugin in release builds #win #webpack index.html is 333 KB

08:06 utc dec 22 2018 permalink

Took 4.5 years but I've finally started to learn #rust: I'm implementing a power hour game that plays to a #chromecast with a #react webview UI.

08:01 utc dec 22 2018 permalink

Been using #ack for almost a decade. Installed #ripgrep today. Wow it's so fast! #win

05:04 utc nov 21 2018 permalink

I've now over-engineered an iTunes library integrity checker by turning a script into a module #win

07:39 utc nov 17 2018 permalink

Just accidentally truncated my .bash_history. Restored from backup but the latest was 55 days ago. #fail

06:40 utc nov 16 2018 permalink

I had a #patch accepted to an Ansible role I use in my Vagrant environment

05:46 utc nov 16 2018 permalink

I promised a postmortem:

16:49 utc nov 11 2018 permalink

I was hard down for ~5min last night while rolling out secrets in parameter store. 0.149.0, 0.149.1, 0.149.2, and 0.149.3 were bad releases #fail. 0.149.4 is stable: Postmortem pending.

00:16 utc nov 05 2018 permalink

41-commit weekend 🤩Feel much better about my #webpack , #ansible, and #packer code #win

23:12 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

The computers did exactly what I told them to do 😕 #fail

23:11 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

Add in some manual #terraform state edits and deleting things in the #aws console and we're recovered #fail #win

23:11 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

At least I was able to repro in local #vagrant once I figured out what was going on. #win

23:06 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

A red herring was adding a call to dd in the cleanup script to zero the free space on the disk. I thought I was somehow filling the disk and not reclaiming space.

23:05 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

The cleanup script didn't error because my set flags were in the shebang but #packer was invoking the script via bash instead of directly #fail So many yaks.

23:04 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

This change was introduced in 0.146.0 but did not manifest due to a bug in the cleanup script. I was not passing -y to apt autoremove, which caused the command to abort and end the script with an error. #fail

23:01 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

Removing just the dev package with #ansible #provisioning had no effect in local env, but combined with the apt purge in the #packer script, uninstalled mysqlclient

23:00 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

Root cause: My app depends on the python package mysqlclient, which in turn depends on the libmysqlclient system package. I was pulling this in transitively via the dev package required for building.

22:59 utc nov 04 2018 permalink

Undeployable manifested as healthz returning 502 when adding a new instance to the ALB, marking it as unhealthy and timing out #terraform