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docker lessons:

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I also pruned a lot of config from my 12factor env, favoring convention for things like DB connection strings. In doing so, migrated to one hostname for DB across all environments. /etc/hosts alias in Vagrant, network in Docker, private hosted zone in AWS

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Finally deployed a 2 month old branch incorporating lessons learned from my Docker experiment into my VM-based deploys. Big change is building from local source instead of pulling in a tarball from GitHub. Iteration speed is improved #win

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One hack I've been using to enhance my productivity in the face of KTLO work is to write lots of things down. Project plans, system diagrams, user interviews. It helps organize the work that I have done and keeps me motivated.

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The past 4ish months I've been a team of one. Been a decent slog. It's been hard to be productive when all of the KTLO work falls on me. Getting a new teammate in a couple weeks. Excited. 🤩

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I've been retraining myself to say "Hey Google" instead of "OK Google"

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I published a post about AWS Reserved Instances today

02:37 utc jun 11 2018 permalink

Optimizing for cost and complexity, #docker and ECS/EKS are not worth it for my 1 node crud app

06:53 utc jun 10 2018 permalink

Saved me $17 a month. My primary AWS cost is now my ALB. I'd replace it with an nginx if not for ACM making certs so easy

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Modified RDS to be single-AZ #HA

06:51 utc jun 10 2018 permalink

Set desired backend ASG capacity to 1, but added autoscaling alarms to allow scaling up to 3 instances #HA

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Realized that hyperbola doesn't need to be super #HA

04:47 utc jun 05 2018 permalink

Last week I tried to build hyperbola with #docker. I ended up with 5 containers to deploy a stage environment.

07:24 utc may 28 2018 permalink

hyperbola is ready for #django 2.1. That was easy #win

02:34 utc may 28 2018 permalink

LuaLaTeX is amazing. My documents look better than they did with XeLaTeX. Less hyphenation, less inter-section spacing. fontspec, polyglossia, selnolig, nowidow, and impnattypo packages are dope too. #LaTeX #win

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The Makefile for a project like this defines two versions of all the tasks. One runs locally on my mac and "recursively" calls make using `vagrant ssh` setting a make var to indicate the task is running in the VM #make #LaTeX

01:27 utc may 24 2018 permalink

I've been using make and vagrant for self-contained builds in other projects. I've been working with #LaTeX a lot and a bionic vm with TexLive installed creates a repeatable build env, takes 15 minutes to set up, and doesn't pollute my desktop #win

07:41 utc may 12 2018 permalink

Upgrades are painful, so upgrade frequently. hyperbola now running Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic. 2 build config changes and 1 removed ansible task. #win

08:11 utc apr 18 2018 permalink

Switched from community PPA to official nginx-provided binaries. That was ... really easy: #win #ansible