05:27 utc feb 10 2019 permalink

I live in Seattle now. First week at the Stripe office was quiet due to the snow. Working on expanding Stripe into Latin America now.

06:07 utc jan 27 2019 permalink

I have eliminated all explicit casts in punchtop #rust #win

05:47 utc jan 27 2019 permalink

More #rust safety: removed a cast to usize with the new usize::from_be_bytes converter #win

05:19 utc jan 27 2019 permalink

#marketing is easier if you have metrics to support your impact. I like to always tie my metrics back to dollars.

03:02 utc jan 27 2019 permalink

One common hangup I've encountered when discussing #marketing my work with other engineers is the notion that the work was easy or trivial to implement. That's not the important part! What the org cares about is impact. Tell a good story!

03:01 utc jan 27 2019 permalink

To be good at #marketing yourself, you need to be good at communication, both written and verbal. Don't be afraid to talk about your work, either to your manager, your skip level, your users, an email list, or the company all hands meeting.

02:58 utc jan 27 2019 permalink

As an engineer, I care very much about #marketing myself, my team, and my work. I am of the impression that my work does not speak for itself, I have to speak for my work. Being high impact means making sure the org knows it, too.

08:00 utc jan 21 2019 permalink

The game that I'm working on is punchtop #win #rust #powerhour

07:59 utc jan 21 2019 permalink

Making a mental note that I've decided to go static with hyperbola. Not sure when this project will get done, but here's to 2019. I have dreams of a custom #webpack and #markdown generator, S3 and CloudFront for distribution.

07:57 utc jan 21 2019 permalink

I made a small #rust crate called stream-util for a game I'm working on. allows graceful drains of tokio mpsc channels or canceling a futures Stream. Clippy pedantic and fully documented #win

07:54 utc jan 21 2019 permalink

I implemented a #rust client for the #chromecast protocol for a game I'm working on. I collected a fairly exhaustive set of protocol documentation:

23:07 utc dec 28 2018 permalink

The most expensive part of hyperbola's #aws infrastructure is the SSM PrivateLink endpoint in 3 AZs #fail #cost

19:48 utc dec 26 2018 permalink

First #rust #patch accepted closing out 2018 with a bang

03:55 utc dec 23 2018 permalink

Optimizing #react bundle ... cut bundle size by 72KB. Biggest wins are turning an image into CSS + an emoji, removing unused deps, enabling mini-css-extract-plugin in release builds #win #webpack index.html is 333 KB

08:06 utc dec 22 2018 permalink

Took 4.5 years but I've finally started to learn #rust: I'm implementing a power hour game that plays to a #chromecast with a #react webview UI.

08:01 utc dec 22 2018 permalink

Been using #ack for almost a decade. Installed #ripgrep today. Wow it's so fast! #win

05:04 utc nov 21 2018 permalink

I've now over-engineered an iTunes library integrity checker by turning a script into a module #win

07:39 utc nov 17 2018 permalink

Just accidentally truncated my .bash_history. Restored from backup but the latest was 55 days ago. #fail

06:40 utc nov 16 2018 permalink

I had a #patch accepted to an Ansible role I use in my Vagrant environment

05:46 utc nov 16 2018 permalink

I promised a postmortem: