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So on this one server, my default shell was /bin/sh, i'm not a sudoer, root owns my home directory, and another user owns /home. #linux #fail

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so in order to access's preferences to make it not be the default mailto: handler, I first have to configure it #fail

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Way to steal my MEng thesis idea Twitter

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the goes to operator (x --> 0) makes #C feel more like #ruby! lolz #fail

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Seriously, Office? You rm the backup from the disk when I close it instead of doing the sane thing and moving it to my trash? #fail #hard

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why does iChat think it's ok to grow as large as it wants vertically? #no, I'll manage my windows by myself.

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#timeboxed this gcc cross compiler nonsense. Using debathena in a VM is easier. #hammer

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#compiling #gcc from source to get an ELF cross-compiler on OSX. This is so #fail

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its amazing how much quicker a script runs when you don't create 60,000 Hashes and compile a regex 30k times #ruby

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Because is down, I used airdrop to copy over a cached version of the git source and formula from another computer so I could install it with homebrew #gardenpath

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I hope you think this is as stupid as I do:

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bookmarking for later: useful defaults for OS X apps.

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#UPnP stopped working on my router. Flashed it like a boss.

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I got to 100 #tweets a hell of a lot faster than I did here (still not there yet)

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So I used #github socially to review someone's code and got flamed. That's the last time I do that.

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Abiding by the principle of least surprise is, to me at least, least surprising. #whatarethesewords

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I remember when I wanted one of these #sonymylo