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09:24 utc aug 01 2019 permalink

I'm trying to improve Regexp performance in #artichoke by using the regex crate instead of oniguruma in some cases. It turns out not to be faster in all cases #patch #rust #fail

08:06 utc aug 01 2019 permalink

This was hard to track down: emscripten linker error with a particular function signature #rust #wasm #patch #github #fail

04:47 utc jul 29 2019 permalink

I forked onig and hope to add support for the wasm-unknown-unknown build target. For #artichoke though, it's too soon. Once mruby-sys is pulled into #Rust I'll try again #ruby #mruby #fail #patch #Wasm

04:45 utc jul 29 2019 permalink

Neither mruby-sys nor onig can build with wasm-unknown-unknown or wasm-wasi, so I was stuck with wasm-unknown-emscripten. The linker on mruby-sys would dead code eliminate artichoke_backend::Artichoke #fail #Wasm #artichoke #mruby

04:38 utc jul 29 2019 permalink

With renewed focus of building my own #Ruby instead of extending #mruby, I put in some effort to make mruby an implementation detail of #artichoke. Lots of refactoring with sed. #fail

04:33 utc jul 29 2019 permalink

CactusRef is still an incredibly unsafe crate, but at least it aborts if it detects a use-after-free #fail #artichoke

19:43 utc jul 14 2019 permalink

That memory leak turned out to be quite the yak shave. setjmp/longjmp from C leaving #rust memory in inconsistent state #fail

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19:33 utc jul 07 2019 permalink

#git bisect is why it's important that your repo be buildable at every commit. Currently fixing a massive memory leak in ferrocarril #fail

01:07 utc may 26 2019 permalink

Despite all I talk about #aws #ec2, I cannot for the life of me type isntances correctly #fail

20:04 utc may 25 2019 permalink

here's another Clippy bug #rust #fail

01:23 utc may 17 2019 permalink

You can tell which parts of ferrocarril are new to me based on how many consecutive commits are dedicated to a feature. By this measure, the new (and hard) things were sys crates, #ci, and TryFrom traits #rust #win #fail

07:45 utc apr 29 2019 permalink

About 6 weeks ago I reached out to two literary agents to see if they'd help me publish a book. I got an explicit rejection last week! A little bit #fail, but also definitely progress #win 😊

05:24 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I generated FFI bindings for mruby with bindgen! I wrote a #c extension library for wrapping mruby macros! #win I wrote (a lot of) unsafe #rust code. Clippy helps a lot to make sure I'm not doing anything stupid. I have caused quite a few #segfault #fail

05:22 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I overflowed the compiler (which didn't crash it) and crashed the linter with an ICE #win #fail

05:05 utc apr 18 2019 permalink

I found an ICE (internal compiler error) in clippy in #rust nightly #fail

03:46 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

looks like I didn't finalize the deploy in January so I had a few extra AMIs kicking around that I was needlessly paying for #aws #cost #fail #automation

03:42 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

The true motivation for getting me to mess with hyperbola today was an instance retirement notification from AWS. I had to muck with poetry to cycle my ASG #fail #aws

03:08 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

Uninstalling python 3.7.1 from pyenv broke my local poetry venv for hyperbola which prevented me from managing my deps #fail #python

03:05 utc apr 03 2019 permalink

Yikes haven't done a deploy since January 6. I've definitely been ignoring all of the USNs about Linux kernel vulnerabilities. #fail Django 2.2 release is what got me to get to upgrading #django #win

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07:03 utc mar 14 2019 permalink

Deck making for an internal tech talk called "How to Implement the Chromecast Protocol in Rust When You Don't Know Rust" #rust futures and impl trait 😭 #fail