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#esalazar spent 4 hours searching for a jQuery slider and was unsuccessful #fail. I spent 4 minutes and found exactly what he wanted #win

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I've never had to implement a hash table before #spoiled by standard libraries

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a productive day: did something I've been meaning to do for a while #ruby

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A productive day: made my PS1 better and fixed a bug in the hashtag regex on hyperbola (again)

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#esalazar: Something something something #git ... something something something complete

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Nokogiri::XML(file_bigger_than_1GB.xml) is a bad idea #fail

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ok so setting up 4 VMs all at once was a pain in the ass #thesis2012

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Thank goodness xml compresses so well

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I dislike experiencing bugs in my day-to-day usage of software I paid for. Saints Row: The Third and iPhoto, I'm looking at you #fail

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cat ~/.*h_h*|cut -d" " -f1|ruby -e' 0;h[$_]+=1 while gets;h.each{|k,v|puts"#{v} "+k}'|sort -rn|head #golfed This snippet prints out my most frequently used commands

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#vim modelines are the best. Just added filetype modelines to all of my wonkily named #bash config files. Syntax highlighting rules

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I don't understand why people think they need build scripts for their dotfiles. #fail Just keep your $HOME in #git: git init && git remote add ...

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This is the longest-lived and most consistently updated #blog I've ever had. Averaged a post every 2.5 days. I still post to #twitter more often. #socialmedia

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My most frequently used commands on my laptop

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Just exported 1GB of article dumps from #wikipedia #thesis2012 is on