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04:25 utc nov 17 2016 permalink

Fourth most expensive query is selecting all lifestream items and pictures: a LEFT OUTER JOIN with ORDER BY DESC, LIMIT, and OFFSET. There is an index on the order by but MySQL prefers filesort. Table is only 500 rows though. #mysql

04:23 utc nov 17 2016 permalink

Most expensive queries on hyperbola are hashtag lookups because they use RLIKE. Top 3 queries are 4.3ms, 3.2ms, 2.1ms per query. #mysql

10:02 utc apr 03 2016 permalink

"we successfully avoided a split brain scenario due to master/master replication" #mysql #fail

04:06 utc jul 22 2015 permalink

took 1minute of downtime today for a #mysql 5.5 upgrade from ubuntu

06:41 utc mar 10 2015 permalink

Healed my first master-master data drift today #devops #mysql

06:30 utc oct 28 2014 permalink

Now I have #utf8 support in #MySQL. I thought I did but that was a #fail. Bitten by the difference between utf8 and utf8mb4. Alas, #Django 500's; no emoji for me

03:28 utc oct 20 2014 permalink

I still don't have zero-downtime #MySQL upgrades. Lost a nine #fail

06:32 utc jan 16 2014 permalink

next project: convert #hyperbola to UTC, server, #django, and #mysql

04:52 utc dec 01 2013 permalink

running alter tables in production is terrifying #mysql ... just converted from MyISAM to InnoDB and added a bunch of #indexes

09:02 utc nov 08 2013 permalink

Only minor drama when upgrading hyperbola to 12.04 LTS ... #mysql failed to cleanly upgrade to 5.5 and I forgot the correct URL for my staging environment #linux #fail

18:32 utc mar 01 2012 permalink

I don't ♥ manually managing character sets #fail Why doesn't #django ensure the #mysql db has #utf8 as its character set?