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#marketing is easier if you have metrics to support your impact. I like to always tie my metrics back to dollars.

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One common hangup I've encountered when discussing #marketing my work with other engineers is the notion that the work was easy or trivial to implement. That's not the important part! What the org cares about is impact. Tell a good story!

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To be good at #marketing yourself, you need to be good at communication, both written and verbal. Don't be afraid to talk about your work, either to your manager, your skip level, your users, an email list, or the company all hands meeting.

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As an engineer, I care very much about #marketing myself, my team, and my work. I am of the impression that my work does not speak for itself, I have to speak for my work. Being high impact means making sure the org knows it, too.

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I do not care whether your API is RESTful. Does it work and will it do what I want? #marketing #fail