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21:36 utc mar 26 2016 permalink

#scala takes the #objc std lib approach to collections: One public interface/factory w/ many optimized implementations underneath

23:47 utc mar 17 2015 permalink

A good chunk of my qualms about #scala is complexity resulting from laziness tricks.

02:55 utc oct 09 2014 permalink

Started going through the Functional Programming in Scala book today #scala

05:06 utc jun 09 2014 permalink

swift is the #scala to objective-c's java ... that switch statement looks an awful lot like scala's match construct

06:45 utc apr 29 2014 permalink

Listened to a pretty intense #scala rant today: ... Highlights some of my gripes about the language, most notable implementation details leaking everywhere

01:54 utc apr 05 2014 permalink

I just realized that when I first learned #java, there were no generics. Thanks Martin Odersky! #scala forever.

22:01 utc nov 30 2013 permalink

Actors are overrated. So far, we've preferred to use future literals and ExecutorServices instead #scala #box #metadata