hyperbo.la :: Sprint Log, 2019-03-08

Sprint Log, 2019-03-08

Ryan Lopopolo | March 9, 2019

I did lots of things this sprint. Very few of them involved writing code.

  • Taught an Engineering 101 onboarding class on testing.
  • Wrote and deployed several experiments on card payments in Mexico to optimize acceptance rates.
  • Took the team pager three times.
  • Consulted on a cost attribution project that my old team is working on.
  • Wrote the first draft of the shipped email for the cost attribution project.
  • 1:1 conversations with 8 engineers, 1 account executive, 1 product manager, my engineering manager, and my skip level manager.
  • Created the outline for a blog post targeting the Stripe engineering blog on our use of graph theory to approach cost attribution.
  • Sprint stuff, planning, standups, retrospective. Led the good/bad/try starfish discussion at retro.
  • Wrote up notes on the competitive landscape in LATAM framed by what engineering effort it takes to win these markets and added it to my team's onboarding documentation.
  • Brainstormed with the Education team on how to create a drip-style marketing campaign over Slack for surfacing onboarding materials to new engineers.
  • Wrote a quickref on debugging with pry as sample content for the drip campaign.
  • Crowdsourced two additional engineers to commit to writing sample content for the drip campaign.
  • Onboarded a merchant in Mexico to a trusted MID to optimize acceptance rates.
  • Discussed building a program that teaches engineers to market themselves effectively during the performance cycle with the Education team.
  • Reviewed and approved 6 PRs.
  • Hosted a Carly Rae Jepsen listening party. for the Seattle office.
  • Worked on slides for DevOpsDays Seattle.
  • Partnered with another engineer and proposed an internal tech talk called 7 weird things you wish you knew about AWS.
  • Synthesized the raw data on Stripe's carbon footprint from our AWS resources and shared with the infra organization.